Pure Essential Oil Remedy

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Bug Off: Our Bug Off essential oil remedy uses a potent blend of natural oils and ingredients to relieve itching and irritation while also repelling insects. Enjoy nature in comfort and with peace of mind that you will be free from insects and harsh chemicals that are found in conventional bug repellents.

Calm Down: Don't let an upset stomach stop you from making the most out of your day. Toss aside the drugstore medications and relieve upset stomach conditions the natural way. Our Calm Down remedy consists of a potent blend of pure-grade essential oils that work together to address an array of common digestive issues so you can get back to your day with comfort and peace of mind.

Sleep Tight: Say goodbye to sleepless nights and ease yourself into peaceful slumber the natural way with our Sleep Tight remedy. This tranquilizing essential oil-infused blend relieves negative emotional states, so your mind is clear and calm for better sleep.

Stress Less: Our Stress Less essential oil remedy is specially formulated with a blend of calming and comforting natural oils to soothe the mind and dispel negative thoughts and emotions, so you can enjoy your day worry-free. This sleek, travel-friendly roller is the perfect companion for those who need stress relief at work, at the gym, or even just at home.

Think Straight: Clear your mind of mental clutter and bring your priorities back into focus with our Think Straight remedy. It is infused with a potent blend of essential oils that fights negative emotional states like stress and anxiety so your mind can concentrate and focus on what's important.