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People Of The World Calendar 2022

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Brighten your day and broaden your cultural horizons all at once with the globe-spanning style of 1973's 2022 People of the World Wall Calendar.

Featuring vibrant art by 1973 co-founder Emma Cooter Draws, this colourful calendar takes you on a 12-stop tour of some of the world's captivating cultures, from Mexican and Mongolian to Panamanian and Peruvian. 

Made using Scandinavian birch, this calendar is printed on paper from a mill that's not only powered by green energy produced in-house, but also supplies excess power to the local community.



2022 calendar (Jan - Dec 2022)
280mm W x 430mm H
Printed on Swedish-made paper derived from Scandinavian birch supported by replanting schemes
Hand-assembled in the UK

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