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Glass Candle - Optimist

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The Glass Candle has a candle in a 7oz glass container while topped off with a paper lid. Perfect choice for housewarming, birthdays, and weddings.

Collection: Optimist.

Dimensions: 9cm x 9cm.

Weight: 365g.

Grapefruit Pomelo:
T: Fresh orange, ripe mango
M: Pineapple
B: Jasmine, rose

Eucalyptus Mint:
T: Green, peppermint, eucalyptus, pine, thyme
M: Rose, cinnamon spice
B: Cedarwood, musk, oakmoss, earthy

Santal & Cedar:
T: Fresh, camphor, eucalyptus
M: Lily of the valley, raspberry
B: Cedarwood, sandalwood, musk
Salted Birch:
T: Ozone, marine, citrus
M: Lily, cyclamen, earthy
B: Oakmoss, sandalwood, musk

Wild Fern:
T: Fresh ozone, green bamboo, bergamot
M: Gardenia, lemon
B: Jasmine

Amber Oak:
T: Green, orange, apple
M: Rose, Jasmine
B: sandalwood, oakmoss
Linen Rosewood:
T: Rose
M: Raspberry, grapefruit peel
B: Dry wood, musk
Fresh Cotton:

T: Clean, fresh, lily
M: Jasmine, citrus
B: Violet, muskolors.

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