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BTS TinyTAN IDOL Air Purifying Wall Poster

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Give healthy air to loved ones with TinyTAN! TinyTAN design for any location; Bedroom, Kitchen, Study room, Baby room. Also, keep the air YOU breathe free from germs; Household with children, Office space with lots of people, Daycare facility where children roam, Must-be-clean hospital, Nursing home with elderly, Newly-moved home. Developed and manufactured in Korea, you can trust this product!

*TinyTAN AIR WALL - Here's the official licensed TinyTAN Air Wall! Air Purifying and Deodorizing posters were launched. One of a kind, wall-hung air purifying technology with unique, new, hi-tech.

*STAY WITH CUTIES - Noise-free, Easy to install in your area. Enjoy your life at home with TinyTAN.

*AIR PURIFYING & DEODORIZING - Using air as a catalyst, this product eliminates all odor and toxic substances. It is an eco-friendly and harmless product composed of pure mineral substances.

*PERFECT WALL DECORATION - A good choice to hang on the wall of your bedroom, student dormitory, and so on.

Made in South Korea

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