The ULTIMATE Gift Guide

Our gift guide is here to help you shop for everyone on your list! We’ve got picks for every budget, any age, and every type of person. Have a stress-free shopping session from the comfort of your own home! We offer FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100 CAD. 

What's in?

1) Incense

Besides candles, consider getting your loved ones incense sticks instead! Our Incense Sticks by Yield are hand-rolled bamboo + tree resin sticks; made with essential oil and fragrance oil blends. Pair this with one of our ceramic or glass incense holders and you’ve got the perfect gift!


2)  Pop It Fidget Toys

Explore this year’s biggest fidget toy trend with us - Pop It, also known as Push Pop or Pop Bubble! What is a Pop It? It is like a never-ending sheet of bubble wrap. This sensory bubble-popping toy can keep you occupied for hours while relieving stress and anxiety.  They come in different sizes and shapes.  Some even change colours under the sun while others are in the forms of Squid Games' characters!   We even have pop it pencil cases and coin pouches.



3)  "Hand" Soaps

This is the last chance to grab one of these peculiar hand-shaped hand soaps by Imaginary Animals as they are being discontinued! These are natural vegetable glycerin soaps with a very light "oatmeal, milk & honey" scent. They make great stocking stuffers!



4 )  Everything Schitt’s Creek

Schitt's Creek is an Emmy-nominated (and award-winning!) Canadian television sitcom with 6 seasons, ended in 2020. This series is *peak* Canadian content! The show is incredibly well-written, directed and acted. It’s also incredibly meaningful, especially for members of the LGBTQ community. If you haven’t watched this series yet, go watch it now!

Our top picks include: 

Tote-tally awesome XXL tote bag.

It’s designed and printed in Toronto, Canada.

David Candle

 “I’m trying very hard not to connect with people right now.” This candle is made of natural soy wax and hand-poured in Lakeshore, Ontario.

Schitt's Creek Very Merry Schittsmas Card

5) Suncatchers

This beautiful ornament will bring G O O D V I B E S to the home, workplace, or anywhere it’s placed! These Suncatchers by Scout Curated Wears beautifully capture sunlight and transform it into rainbows and specks of light. This gift will surely bring a smile to their face!


6)  Ceramics

These little, multipurpose trinket trays  by Fringe Studio in collaboration with artist, Martha Rich are fabulous.   These word bubble-shaped stoneware trays with a matte glaze are fun and sassy.


A fun collection of Miniature Flower Vases like this in six fabulous soft and cool colors will really be the standout ceramic bud vase for them!  Loving the great soft colours; great by itself alone and work well together too. Pair this gift with some fresh or dried flowers and they will surely love it!



Get cozy and zen with the Om: Meditation Hand Essential Oils Burner. This is a ceramic oil burner in the shape of a yoga hand mudra. Simply place a tea light candle in the appropriate spot and a few drops of essential oil on the top!

7)  Temporary Tattoos

Know someone who wants a tattoo but is not ready for the commitment?  How about these beautiful hand drawn temporary tattoos by Emma Mannino! The lovely and simple floral & nature-inspired designs are so dainty and detailed. These make great stocking stuffers!


8)  Card Games

With everyone doing their part and getting vaccinated, social distancing rules are a bit more relaxed now! This means that you can get together with your group of close friends and family again - especially this holiday season! These card games will bring joy and laughter to all your gatherings.


Ridley’s Peach Snaps card game

Monopoly the Card Game


Did I Win? Trivia Game


 Time Together, conversational game


Honey, couples game



9)  Self-care Gifts

Know someone who worked really hard this year? These gifts will be perfect for them!

These bubble candles by MELP will make them feel like their “head is in the clouds.” They are eco-friendly and non-toxic; made with a blend of beeswax + soy wax. The pastels are so aesthetically pleasing to look at! (Plus, these are made in Canada!)

Sometimes, hand signs speak louder than words. The Impressions candles by Paddywax come in colourful 5.75oz matte ceramic containers with various scents. Spread the love and encouragement, give them a ‘thumbs up’.

Gifting a bath bomb is the ultimate way of telling someone to de-stress! These natural bath bombs by Lizush are 100% naturally made and infused with essential oils. Isn’t the pastel colour so pretty? Made in the USA.

Awaken your senses to the tangy zest of fresh, ripe fruit. Clean, crisp and refreshing. This placating putty by Pinch Me Therapy Dough was developed using the proven scientific methodology of color and scent as they relate to relaxation-all in the convenience of a portable tin.

Face masks all day, every day. Get this variety mask pack by Lapcos with 7 different face masks for the beauty guru in your life! These sheet masks provide hydration and soothes skin to help you feel relaxed and glowing.

Does a relaxing day sound like a cup of tea and a good book? Then our ceramic mugs by Talking out of Turn will come in handy! With sayings like ‘take no sh*t’ and ‘zero f*cks’ over a colourful glaze, this is bound to brighten anyone’s day. This is the ultimate ‘I’m having my self-care day’ mug.

Practicing self-care can mean writing thoughts and feelings down. Gift this People of the World notebook set (3 ruled notebooks) featuring covers from artist Emma Cooter Draws. These simple yet stylish notebooks are versatile and fun - they can use these to jot down dreams, songs, shopping lists and more!

Sometimes peace, quiet and a DIY Miniature Dollhouse Kit by Hands Craft is all we need for a day of self-care. For the person who enjoys delicate and detailed activities, this is the gift for them! These miniature house kits come with everything needed to recreate it!

Know someone who likes to enjoy a glass of wine before going to bed? Upgrade their nightly routine with the Sipski Wine Glass Holder for The Bath & Shower by 30 Watts. Now they can enjoy a glass of wine while having a nice relaxing bubble bath!

It has surely been a hectic and crazy year! Every person on this planet could use a massage right now. Give someone the gift of a home massage with this Mini Massage Gun! Not only do massage guns help ease post-workout soreness, but they're also great for general soothing and tension relief.


10 unique and useful gifts for your favourite chef friend

Whether you’re shopping for an experienced chef or a family member, we’ve got you covered. Check out these cool, wacky, and actually practical kitchen gadgets.

A salt & pepper shake is essential in every household! Take a look at the Hestia Salt and Pepper Shakers by DIOY Design. They are made of ceramic and shaped as a Greek column. It’s simple, minimalistic, and won’t clutter the tabletop.

Replace the old dish sponge with this brand new Scrub a Duck sponge by Fred! This hard working, multi-layered sponge will get those dishes so ducking clean.

For the pizza lover: Cat Lover's Pizza Cutter by Kikkerland. This charming and cute kitchen tool is a great gift for pizza and cat lovers alike. It fits easily in your hand and delivers a smooth, rolling cut.

Crush garlic easily & cleanly without any mess! One simple press of this stainless steel Fish-shaped Garlic Press and that’s it! It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to store.

‘Wine’ Lives Kitty and ‘Winer’ Dog markers by Fred! Purrfect kitty and darling dachshund wine markers wrap around the stem of your glass and remind you which glass is yours. This gift is great for those who like to host gatherings and get togethers!

Do you know someone who loses track of time often? Well that won’t happen anymore with the Turkey Kitchen Timer. This 60 minute kitchen timer is highly visible on any kitchen counter so don't worry about misplacing it!

Decorative tea towels brighten up the kitchen and add a dose of cheer—making them the perfect gift. They can be used as a hot pad, to wrap baked goods, decorate the table and more! This Serene Vase Tea Towel Set by Fringe Studio is made of 100% cotton and designed by Megan Galante.

Mama Mia! Who dropped one of the raviolis? Save your friends’ stovetop/countertop by giving them Fred’s Sauced Up spoon rest! Made of stain-resistant silicone, you'll be glad you have a pasta-riffic place to rest your spoon.

Know someone who’s already planning next year’s big family barbecue? Surprise them with these amusing stainless steel sword skewers (Try saying that 3 times fast!) Who says you can’t play with food?

This is no ordinary citrus twister! This Citrus Twister by Kikkerland is a handy addition to the kitchen or home bar; saving time and storage space by offering three convenient tools in one: a paring knife, juicer, and zester!

BONUS: Visit us IN STORE for our new and super cool food products!

  • Food Crayon: Shave these edible crayons over your meal for a burst of flavour! Recipes are natural, almost-all vegan, and gluten-free! Based in Montreal, QC.
  • Teaspressa Sugar Cubes: Each LUXE Sugar Cube contains less than one teaspoon of sugar. A single cube is enough to make barista-inspired tea and coffee beverages, craft cocktails, and instant mimosas, exactly the way you like them. Based in Phoenix, AZ.
  • Eatable Popcorn: EATABLE's alcohol-infused gourmet popcorn flavours are inspired by classic cocktails, wine and spirits for a refined taste and texture worthy of curious palates. Based in Ontario.
  • Luv the Grub: Gourmet chutneys made with ugly produce. Since it's founding four years ago, they have partnered with 8 local farms and produce markets to rescue over 19830 lbs of produce from the landfill! Based in BC!
  • Gourmet Inspirations: Gourmet sauces & rubs made by Canadian chef Peter Fehr right in Steinbach, Manitoba.

Top 5 Handy Dandy Electronics and Accessories

Electronics make life more easier, efficient, and fun. That’s what makes them such great gifts! With our amazing selection of budget-friendly electronics and tech accessories, you can charge your phone on-the-go, keep your cables tidy, and even mount your phone onto your bike!

Keep cables tidy with these Cable Cubes! Surprise your techy friend with this gift to help keep their office space organized. These cubes can be disassembled and put back together easily to keep cables separated and close by.

Help your cyclist friends stay safe with a long-lasting LED Bicycle Headlight. This mountable headlight is weatherproof and has a flexible silicone strap to easily attach and fit most bikes.

This Gooseneck Charging Stand is great for the office! Set this up beside a computer or laptop to quickly look between screens. This is super helpful for video calls and meetings. For iPhones only.

The Earbud Cleaning Kit is the perfect companion for on-the-go, in the office or right at home. Keep your earbuds looking new and sounding great. This kit is great for anyone who shares earbuds, and can be used on almost any size earpiece! The tin is easily stored, or carry it in your laptop bag or purse.

We all have a friend who leaves the house with 20% battery and is always needing to charge. The Kikkerland Power Bank 6000 is the perfect device to store in any backpack, purse, or handbag for charging at all times.


Top 5 cutest and softest plush toys ever!

Soft and cute plushies suitable for kids and adults of all ages! We could all use a cuddly companion; something to comfort us when we go to sleep or when we're going through a difficult time.

From Miyazaki's beloved animated film, "My Neighbor Totoro,” this set of 2 Totoro and tree trunk plush is sure to please fans this holiday season! It’s soft and high-quality plush material provides endless huggability.

For all Gudetama fans out there, the Gudetama Gude Waffle plush is a must! It features the lazy egg with its signature meh expression laying down and getting cozy under a warm waffle blanket - that is a big MOOD.

These are the cutest mini dim sum plush keychains ever! Made by Won in a Million, we’ve got the Dawn Tot (egg tart) plush, Soupy Xiaolongbao (soup dumpling), and Steamie Hagao (shrimp dumpling) plush keychains. Surprise a dim sum lover with this fantastic gift!


You can’t go wrong with gifting a classic sock monkey plush - especially this mini size one! The Sock Monkey Baby by Schylling has stolen our hearts! It’s cute, cuddly, and is perfect for any age!

Going bananas for this ultra-soft plush from one our favourite brands, Jellycat! Gift this for a supercute boost of curvy cuddles this holiday season! We’ve also got an amazing collection of other plushies from Jellycat including animals, fruits & vegetables, and funghi.


Our Favourite Mugs/Tumblers

Mugs are typically a last resort when it comes to gift giving but it doesn’t always have to be that way! Our novelty mugs are sturdy, funny, motivational, and unique! We’ve got a mug for everyone on your list - enjoy a nice cup of hot cocoa together!

Chill Pill mug

Keep Dreamin’ and Nothing But MF’ing Blue Skies mug


Desert Mountain mug

Coffee Cat and Doggos mug


Koifish Stackable Glasses

Corkcicle Stemless Wine Cup in Walnut Wood

We hope you found the perfect gifts with our ultimate gift guide!

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